28 July 2013

Message to Other Me

She told herself, I'm going to
marry this man. And she did.
They were happy in the
glass house. They were. She
told herself it was good to have
a little money, and to be invited
to things. They were invited
to things.

She looks back at me now from
the inside of her glass house.
She's got her palms flattened.
She's breathing onto the glass
and spelling her initials in the
condensation. There's a baby
crying somewhere. It happens
all the time, especially in
the movies.

She told herself the right
things, she managed to
get the word 'incarceration'
out of her mind. It never
crossed it until now, until
I wrote it for her. I need
to stop telling her things. I
would like to convince me
I'm wrong. You're wrong,
she need only say.

I told her, I said, "I sure do
love you." I did, and look
what good it did. Love isn't
enough. Belief isn't, either. It's
got to be something else, some
thing else that makes a person